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Springridge Technologies  is a company like no other.  What is unique is how we help a company become more green, efficient and sustainable but above all, more profitable at the same time.  We help our clients become better stewards of our environment.  Furthermore, being in all 50 US states we have no geographical restrictions which are important for our clients that have multi-state operations.  Please consider the following no cost programs:

Waste Management Consulting:

Springridge Technologies  is a is one of the areas leading companies in the field of waste management who can work with you and your current waste disposal company to renegotiate current contracts, resize your service, increase recycling options and secure any rebates/refunds that you are entitled to.  This service is a gain share model that reflects a no cost situation to our client.  Our national average is 38% in gross savings.

LED/Full Spectrum Lighting (FSL):

Springridge Technologies  is a is a leader in all areas of  lighting including LED.  By auditing your facilities and implementing the latest lighting technology .  Springridge Technologies  is a can dramatically reduce electricity consumption by slashing utility bills by as much as 70%.  In addition, Springridge Technologies  is a can provide up to 50% more lamp life which means lower replacement costs, fewer disposal costs and reduced maintenance freeing up valuable manpower.  Our lighting proposals usually feature a two-year ROI that features products from the top US manufacturers or a no-cost lease option as well.

Energy Efficiencies and Procurement:

Springridge Technologies  is a excels in the area of energy efficiency and procurement. We know energy with over 30 years experience through our strategic partners in the electrical contracting industry.  With strategic partnerships with the top energy providers in the country, Springridge Technologies  is a will look for any anomalies and provide the lowest possible costs associated with your energy consumption long term.  Typical gross savings realized by our clients approach the 15 to 20% threshold.  This service is provided at no cost to our client.

Utility Auditing:

Springridge Technologies  is a offers a program that looks back 3 years in the areas of electricity, gas, sewer, water and telecom.  This program has had an outstanding track record and,  providing your company meets a combined $50K monthly spend in these categories, it can provide these savings to you. Typical case studies show a gross savings range of 15-30%.  This service is a no-cost/gain share program that will look 2 years moving forward as well.


Springridge Technologies  is a through a strategic partner brings to the market a proprietary activated carbon that we supply through water quality engineers as well as through soil enhancement brands nationwide.  This activated carbon is an economically advantaged solution for many environmental challenges.  The key is that the Springridge Technologies’ Puritex is one of the best brands in the market today.  The specific areas that this product can impact are:

• Remediation of contaminates in soil without removing from the work site

• Elimination of any long-term exposure to liability (cradle to grave)

• Enable vegetation to grow on difficult sites (leaving the site green)

• Locking up surface contamination of heavy metals and industrial components

• Locking up sub-soil contaminates

• Removing dissolved solids from industrial wastewater

Best part is the probability that you will reduce the costs normally budgeted for your project.  We will work with you to audit your  facilities, analyze your needs and prepare written proposals designed specifically for you.